Sports performance

Competitors Programing

Kaiser CrossFit encourages high achievers and competitors to reach their greatest potential through both group and personalized programing for athletes. Whether you are a competitive CrossFit athlete, or an offensive lineman we can make your more prepared for your sport! We focus on six areas of general physical preparedness:

1. Strength

Strength is essential for all competitive athletes including CrossFit. While it is not the defining characteristic on the field everyone knows who the strongest athlete out there is. A high level of strength will raise the cap on your capacity to perform.

2. Speed

In sport speed is king! The ability to be first to the ball, first to the hoop, or breakaway to the goal line is a defining characteristic for all exceptional athletes. It is also the most widely valued physical characteristic for coaches aside from actual sports specific skills.

3. Conditioning

Nobody cares how strong or fast you are if you are tanked after one play. Increasing aerobic capacity not only allows you to stay in the game longer, a highly developed aerobic system enhances muscular recovery. This means you can train harder more often and further develop as an athlete.

4. Skill

This is the greatest difference in training between athletes of different sports. Sport specific abilities can range from your ability to catch a 50 yd pass, to stringing together 50 pull ups. However the goal is the same, efficiency. We are trying to develop third wave adaptations and develop habitually perfect movement patterns.

5. Nutrition

Nutrition for competitive athletes looks much different than nutrition for your everyday CrossFitter and ESPN enthusiasts. You must get to perform, the exact breakdown of this looks very different for each athlete depending on sport, training season, weight class, volume, and goals. This is were our expertise can have the greatest impact on your success. 

6. Recovery

Proper sleep, warm up, cool down, stretching, smashing, rolling, and a whole host of other recovery techniques make up the most under appreciated corner of fitness. Without proper recovery you WILL NOT progress as an athlete. We are sticklers about this, and you will thank us for it later!

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