4 Factors for a toneD body

1. Nutrition

Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Drink lots of water and avoid anything processed as much as possible. Depending on your exact needs we can tailor a solution that is perfect for your needs and adjust as your goals change.

2. Regular Exercise


Constantly varied movements from both cardiovascular and strength domains executed at high intensity. One common mistake is too much cardio, don't be afraid weight training! Strong and LEAN bodies are build in the weight room. Ladies I promise heavy weights wont make you huge... Ice Cream makes people huge.

3. Sleep

Lack of sleep is a serious issue for most adults. Sleep does more than rest your mind, numerous hormones and enzymes flush your body repairing damage form the day and restarting your metabolic processes. Hormonal imbalances can cause your body to store extra fat and a sleep deficit will down regulate your base metabolic rate!

4. Flexibility 

Is not a coincidence that yogi's have lean strong muscle. Constant stretching and mobilizing keeps scar tissue in your muscles at bay and flushes out any broken down tissues from your workout. This reduces acute inflammation in your body and gives you a slimmer tighter body.

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