6 Week Transformation Challenge

Are you ready to discover a stronger, healthier, version of yourself?

Starts Wednesday, May 15th

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How the Challenge Works

This 6 week all inclusive transformation challenge takes a holistic approach to weight loss and general health through proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, recovery, and accountability. 

Cost for 6 Week Challenge


Meet The Coaches

While Kaiser CF has several amazing coaches Chris and Matt will be the coaching duo that you see every time you come in for the challenge. They were chosen specifically for this transformation challenge because of their success guiding beginners down their fitness paths. Matt and Chris have the balance of energy and experience that is perfect for this kind of class.

Chris Singer

Owner of Kaiser CrossFit

Chris has been coaching athletes of all levels for over 10 years. His background bounces around from youth swim coach to masters competitive CrossFit coach. He brings an analytical eye to movement patterns and focuses on moving efficiently and safely.

Matt Arnold

Coach at Kaiser CrossFit

Matt is the jack of all trades at Kaiser CF. From coach and gymnastics guru, to video editor. He sees health and fitness as a gateway to a full and happy life. He is always the first one doing something fun outside the walls of the gym and encourages everyone to have a little more fun with their lives.


You have definitely heard the adage "Abs are made in the kitchen", well this is far more true than you know. Nutrition is the absolute key to weight loss and weight gain regardless of exercise, age, gender, or genetics. These factors effect how much we should eat but a strong understanding of nutrition is crucial to success.

How we can help:

  • Provide complete nutritional plan for 6 weeks and beyond to promote weight loss

  • Sample recipes and meal breakdowns

  • Teach you which foods are perfect for your goals

  • Education in basic nutrition so you have the confidence to still live your life and eat out with friends.

  • Provide expert advice to help keep you on track


While nutrition is the primary focus of this challenge, regular exercise comes in second. We will workout hard 3 days a week for the first 4 weeks, for the final 2 weeks we will begin adding more volume ONLY if your are ready and have comfortably assimilated working out into your new habits. Our expert coaches make sure you understand how to move properly before we dial up intensity.

How we can help:

  • Expert coaches take you through warm up, workout, and stretching

  • Focus on developing proper movement patterns that enhance your daily life outside of the gym

  • Special class exclusive to challenge participants and geared towards beginners

  • Small class size allows for maximum face time with coaches

Sleep and Recovery

Everything we have listed so far is already a huge commitment to change, and will be difficult to acclimate to. However with proper cool downs and recovery techniques we can speed up the rate of recovery and optimize each workout. This leads to faster muscle growth, faster metabolic rates, faster weight loss, and having more energy all day. It is easy to overlook this aspect, however for 6 weeks we will not let you overlook it.

Before and After

All that we ask is that you dedicate 6 weeks to us and more importantly to yourselves. If you follow our plan I guarantee that you will see progress and we want to measure this progress. Therefore we will do before/after pictures, bodyfat calculations, and measurements on a weekly basis to check progress. After 6 weeks you will be leaner, stronger, and more confident in your nutritional choices. This will be hard, change is never easy. However we will be here for you every step of the way.

Meet Mary

Mary was a typically 30 year old. She liked to hang out with her friends, drink beer, and run 5K's. Now much of that is still true! She still likes to run, eat delicious food, and drink beer with friends, however now she is leaner then ever! How did she do it? High intensity workouts with strength training in conjunction with proper nutrition. It's ok to enjoy your weekends, as long as you know exactly what is going into your body.

Space is limited and will fill up fast!

Enter your contact information above and Coach Chris will give you a call to answer any remaining questions and help get you started!


Q. Am I the right fit for this challenge?

A. Ask yourself each of these questions, if you answer yes then you are perfect for this challenge!

  • I am ready to workout hard EVERY Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7:30pm

  • I am ready to follow the nutritional plan provided by Kaiser CrossFit

  • I am ready to commit myself to change, even though it will be difficult

Q. What is the Cost of this transformation challenge?

A. $250 for 6 weeks

  • This is NOT your everyday gym nor your average challenge. We will be providing expert coaches, program design, nutritional procedures, recipes, and more all in a small group of 12 or less. This allows us to have huge amounts of 1 on 1 time with you to maximize your results

Q. What if I don't have an athletic background?

A. We wouldn't expect you to!

  • Every movement from the basic air squat up to our most complex movements will be broken down by our expert coaches. Regardless of your current abilities we will give you an appropriate way to scale the movements to best suit your abilities.

Q. What if I am really out of shape or overweight?

A. You are exactly who we want to help!

  • This transformation challenge is open to all levels but we designed every aspect to help people who haven't worked out in years or even ever. No matter where you are starting from we want to help you take control of your life.